Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kemi Akala's IVF story

Few challenges
“My husband had other children, so I didn’t have any problems from him and because of that, nobody could bother me. Most of the time, I’m a happy person. Most people didn’t know I didn’t have kids because when you see me with my husband’s kids, we are together. Once in a while because I love children, when my brothers’ and sisters’ kids come around, it would get me down.

But because I’m a happy person, and I like to sing and praise God a lot, I soon get over it. Maybe for a day, not the whole day, maybe in the evening, but the next day I would be okay again. But I knew I would have children. I didn’t have problems with my in-laws because of my husband. He didn’t have problems with it so why would they bother me? But I wanted for myself but I just handed everything over to God and that is one thing I’m ever grateful to God for.”

She says going through what she did made her come to a better understanding of how God works.
“You see, I’ve been pregnant before. I lost one at five and half months, which was in 1994, I lost one at four months that was 1996. I did all the tests; there was nothing wrong with me. But I guess God was waiting for this time. When I was praying I would tell God I didn’t want to do IVF. I said I know you can do all things, so why can’t I get mine normally? But then I attended Wale Oke’s church.

A lady walked in and said she had appendicitis and was supposed to have an operation but she said rather than doing that, she was praying for God to heal her without the operation. He told her, you’ll just die because God created doctors. Maybe God has made up His mind that it is through the operation that you’ll get your healing. I just said this man is talking to me. And because of my age, I think that’s how God planned it. I did it once and it took and that was it. Since we didn’t know much about it, we though it was something that would need to be managed but that wasn’t the case. Once it took, they told us to go home and that was it.”

She says one of the things she enjoyed most about being pregnant was the pampering she got from her husband. “Nobody saw me when I was pregnant. My husband wanted me to stay in the hospital, I refused because my doctor said I was okay, but once he’s on his way from work, I made sure I was on the bed. When I became heavier and my doctor said I needed exercise, if he comes back and sees me outside, he’ll ask, what are you doing outside?

He pampered me a lot. In fact, I’m planning to get pregnant again just for that. But some of it was also difficult. During the transition, I was very miserable because I was heavily pregnant. My husband was not there. I didn’t see him until after the swearing in, for about two weeks. But when the whole brouhaha started, I didn’t look at things the way other people did, I just thought, so God was waiting for me to be a first lady before having my baby.”
She has just one word of advice for women who find themselves in her shoes.

“The advice I give to women in my shoes is just to wait on the Lord. I tell women now, when you’re praying just tell God, you did it for Kemi Alao-Akala, you can do it for me. I got to a point where I said to God, I know you’re able to do this, but even if you don’t, I’m going to remain focused. And the bible says try me and see if I won’t open the doors of blessings to you. Children are part of the blessing. So let them just remain focused on God, He’ll do it.

source: sunnewsonline

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